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Born and bred in the City of Brotherly Love, Dave Dingwall draws his comedic inspiration from the mean streets of his hometown. But as a variety entertainer, Dave stresses more than comedy...he is also an author, teacher, assistant principal, and an undercover agent for the Irish Secret Service in his spare time. In reality, Dave has three college degrees and is proud of being an educator. He was a former instructor at the Philadelphia College and High School of the Performing Arts.

Dave won the All-American talent contest on the East Coast and that win cemented what was already a fairly illustrious career with notable acting roles in six films as a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild), and has a long standing association with the American Guild of Variety Artists. He has performed at Resorts International in Atlantic City, the Pocono Mountains resort circuit, and was a beloved M.C. at the legendary Comedy Cabaret in Philadelphia.

Dave's professional debut was at a "bucket of blood" tavern in North Philadelphia as the featured singer for one and a half years with a two-piece band at his disposal. Virtually right after midnight a fight would break out about every 45 minutes. For the first few weeks, Dave attempted to intervene in a peace-loving fashion, but was surprised to learn that people would also punch the singer as well. For years, Dave banged around the region doing club dates wherever he could find them, until his big break came when he started a very successful tour of some of the more exclusive bus stations in the New York area. The funeral circuit soon followed. To this day, Dave still visits his many friends in Philadelphia - whether they like it or not.

Dave's passion as a variety entertainer includes impressions, dance, comedy and singing in a wide variety of genres. He has written eight original songs in his career, including "Until" a Latin-inflected ballad. Dave's time spent living in the deep-South has also affected his love of music. He digs both kinds of music: Country and Western. "Blue Collar Shuffle," which is his featured music video, and "I'm Still a Man," his second music video, emphasizes the changing roles of the sexes, will soon be seen on this website. His arsenal of impressions includes Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Tom Jones, and most famously his Uncle Fred. Ronnie Gaboda, his impression of a spastic bus boy, must be seen to be believed. Dave's comedy routines, once considered funny, have all but ceased since people no longer laugh at them.

There is no performer in the entire universe that even remotely resembles Dave Dingwall in the slightest way, shape or form, and for that we can all be thankful. Please check out all of Dave's work in each field of endeavor and see for yourself why people always say, "Dave Dingwall is the greatest entertainer that has ever lived...at least at 13th and Lombard."

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